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Valk IPS Pipeline Equipment B.V.

Bas Valk - Valk IPS Pipeline Equipment B.V. - Sales, Service and Rental - is an international supplier of Pipeline equipment for the Offshore and Onshore Pipeline  Industry.

Productrange Valk IPS Pipeline Equipment B.V:
Pipe Bending machines, Pipeline Supplies, Bending Mandrels, Internal Line-up clamps, External pipe clamps,Pipe Facing Equipment,Pipeline bevelling and cutting, Pipe Roller Cradles,Pipeline Welding Equipment,Reconditioned Pipeline Equipment and Pipeline Equipment Induction Heating.

Over the years Bas Valk has built up an worldwide network to fulfill the demands of all his customers. With over 20 combined years of experience Bas Valk founded his own company in 1998 mainly as a supplier for the Pipeline industry. He built up his company with integrity, enthusiasm, dedication of quality and personal customer service, often on first name terms.

The company has involved since as an worldwide international sales, services and rental supplier for all pipeline equipment and solutions. 

Bas Valk strives to provide his customers with the best possible equipment, also heavy duty, and reliable customer service. We pride ourselves on finding our clients reliable solutions through the companies we proudly represent.

If you are interested in our pipeline equipment, call or mail
Bas Valk to arrange a demo!

IPS Valk Pipeline Equipment B.V is equipped to demonstrate at your facility.





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